Q. How far do you travel?

A. I perform civil ceremonies throughout Connecticut.

Q. Where can the ceremony be held?

A. Various venues, my home, City Hall, by a waterfall, on the beach, in someone’s home, a restaurant. I am happy to travel (within CT).

Q. Do you hold ceremonies for all religions?

A. By law, I only hold civil ceremonies.

Q. Can I incorporate religious aspects within the ceremony?

A. If a couple wishes to incorporate religious aspects or include an additional person of a religious order, that is fine.

Q. When do you turn up?

A. 20-30 minutes beforehand.

Q. Can we meet?

A. Yes. I’ve met with couples to plan the ceremony, answer questions, etc.

Q. Can we choose or write our own vows?

A. Yes, personal vows are encouraged and easily incorporated. I have been asked to review the written vows or poetry selected or written. A couple can ask a friend or family member to speak on their behalf. A couple can use a Unity candle or incorporate a sand ceremony. They can have wedding parties or no witnesses at all.

Q. How do we obtain a license in Connecticut?
The marriage certificate is issued by the local Municipal Clerk in the town or city where the ceremony is held. The wedding must occur within 65 days from issuance. First, fill out the online Marriage Worksheet, if applicable, and then set an appointment to visit the Municipal Clerk’s Office. Both partners must be present to provide positive identification and sign the marriage license.
Q. Do we need to be Connecticut residents or U.S. citizens?
No. The marrying couple may be from out-of-state, green cardholders or non-citizens.
Q. What are the fees?
$50 for the marriage license ( to Municipal Clerk)
$20 to obtain a certified copy after the ceremony ( to Municipal Clerk)
The wedding officiant fee is paid separately
Q. What if we don’t have a preference on where to get married?
Your wedding officiant is a Milford, CT-based Justice of the Peace. Milford is an idyllic picturesque shoreline community which boasts miles of beaches, a gazebo on the Town Green, an historic City Hall situated on a Duck Pond with a waterfall, and critically-acclaimed restaurants and boutique shops. Regardless, your wedding can take place in any location of your choosing and your wedding officiant will travel to perform your ceremony.
Q. How long will the ceremony last?
Depending on the size of the wedding party, and number of participants, the wedding ceremony may take 15 – 30 minutes. A wedding ceremony may be limited to the couple themselves, or include witnesses or a bridal party. However, CT law does not require witnesses.
Q. Could we use a trellis, an arbor or Chuppah?
Yes. Weddings have included these elements. An interdenominational wedding was performed with a Cantor.
Q. Are different gender identities welcome?
Most assuredly. Connecticut law supports every individual deciding and expressing their identity. As a wedding officiant who embraces all people who wish to express their love through a wedding ceremony, all loving couples are welcome.
Q. Do you have a military discount?
Yes, for active personnel only. It’s 50% off. If you live outside of Milford, West Haven, Derby, Orange or Ansonia, there is a $25.00 transportation fee.

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