Things You Need To Know Before You Start Looking For a Wedding Officiant 

A wedding officiant is someone who the government permits to marry people. They are often the ministers who have been ordained, but they can also be justices of the peace or judges. When it comes to planning your wedding, selecting a wedding officiant can be a tough task because you will want someone who has the experience, talent, and enthusiasm to create the perfect wedding ceremony for you. 

Some people have their relatives or friends ordained online and let them officiate their wedding. However, an experienced wedding officiant can make your ceremony more formal, personal, and meaningful. So, you want to make sure that you hire the best person to be your wedding officiant. 

Here are some things you need to know before you start your search for an officiant:  

Wedding officiants are known by many names 

Some of the common names for a wedding officiant are celebrant, justice of the peace, officiant, or a religious leader such as a priest, rabbi, minister, etc. So, when you start looking for an officiant, remember that they may call themselves any of these. 

You can have a friend/relative officiate your wedding. 

You don’t necessarily need a professional to officiate your wedding ceremony. You can have any person officiate your wedding ceremony as long as they are ordained to legally marry you. A person can easily become ordained online. While anyone can provide the service, but it is always better to have someone experienced and talented to do it for you. You don’t want the most important occasion of your life to be anything less than perfect. So, choose only the most seasoned professional to officiate your wedding ceremony.  

Decide what type of ceremony you want.  

Before you start looking for a wedding officiant, you must decide what type of ceremony you want. While some officiants are only comfortable with religious ceremonies, others are open to non-traditional weddings. They can personalize the ceremony for you and help create the ceremony of your dreams. Knowing what kind of ceremony you want can help you decide if a particular wedding officiant is the right choice for you. 

Consider the location of the wedding. 

It is important to decide the location ahead of time. Some couples choose to get married in a church, while others may get married on a beach or in a park. You will have to ask the wedding officiant if they are willing to go to the place of your choice. You may also have to decide whether you want a local wedding officiant or not.  

Want to write your own vows or add any special touches? 

Many couples choose to write their own vows, some seek the help of their officiant, and others are happy with whatever script their officiant has. If you want to add any personal touches to your wedding ceremony, you will have to decide those before you start interviewing officiants. The officiant should be comfortable and confident about creating the ceremony as per your suggestions.  


Most wedding officiants have a fixed fee and may charge extra to cover travel costs depending on the wedding location. Some may have variable fees depending on the time and work required. It is good to have a budget in mind but remember, it is worth investing in a wedding officiant who will personalize your wedding ceremony and make it memorable.  

Having the right officiant at your wedding is crucial as they set the tone for your special day. They personalize the ceremony, ensuring it reflects your unique love story and values. A skilled officiant creates a meaningful and memorable experience, leaving a lasting impression on you and your guests.

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