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diwali decoration ideas

For your inspiration, we’ve compiled diwali decoration items into 9 easy tips and affordable Diwali decoration ideas for office, home, or school that you can use to celebrate Diwali. A week or so before diwali arrives, we Indians go into hyper-drive cleaning and sprucing up our homes. It is a very wholesome festival that often comes with some sprucing up of the home decor. Diwali is a five-day festival which is celebrated by Hindus across the globe. So the most obvious way to decorate is with lots of twinkling lights. They use a combination of lights, diyas, flowers and rangoli. From lighting earthen lamps and making rangolis to decorating our homes, Diwali is the festival which brightens up everybody's mood. … or different colours to brighten things up. For example, you could use a gorgeous arrangement at a church wedding in a traditional Indian one by changing the colours from white to red. Diwali Ideas: 100+ Ideas To Make Your Diwali Special. 100+ Diwali Ideas - Cards, Crafts, Decor, DIY and Party food Ideas. How to Decorate Diya for Diwali – 9 Best Ideas. Do you remember how we converted a glass vase into a table lamp for our Ganpati decoration last year? Oct 26, 2020 - Explore Gopi Patel's board "DIY Diwali decorations", followed by 188 people on Pinterest. As Diwali is just around the corner, people have started cleaning and planning decorations for their homes. Everywhere you look you’ll see houses decorated with lights and lanterns, intricate and colourful rangoli, kids buying crackers, women buying candles and diyas and a general sense of happiness in the air. Classic Clay Handicraft. Diwali Decoration Ideas for Office. See more ideas about diy diwali decorations, diwali decorations, diwali. It’s important clean home thoroughly before starting Diwali decoration. Find and save ideas about diwali decorations on Pinterest. 1. Yes.. my fave thing about these is that they are all very doable. But another essential aspect of Diwali is the decorating. Yes, that door i, Between the Diwali bling and the Christmas zing…, An #ARIYONAbeforeafter from the entrance of this h, Red, gold and blue. 50 Most Beautiful Flower Rangoli Designs (ideas) that you can make during any occasion on the living room or courtyard floors. In case you are feeling confused as to the best Diwali decoration ideas for your office, and despite repeated brainstorming sessions, things have not yielded good results, you can use these ideas for the best results. This easy Diwali craft can be made using coloured paper and origami techniques. Do prepare diwali gift ideas and share them with us and your friends around. This works especially well with mirrors because of the twinkling reflection. #FestiveDecor, 'Terra-Sips' Hand-Painted Kullads In Earthen Terracotta (Set Of 4). So this post is not about diyas and rangoli. Candle Decoration You’ll need: Tea light candles and decorative tapes You have to stick the tape around the tea light candle. If there’s a Diwali decor piece that’s ever-present, it’s a paper cup garland. Diwali is an Indian festival of colors, lights, and sweets. Home Decoration Ideas for Diwali Festival Season Cushions, cushions, and more cushions: Virtual Diwali celebration ideas 2020 | Photo Credit: iStock Images As social distancing, work from home, sanitisers, face masks have become the new normal, this year's Diwali is not the same. Diwali Decoration Ideas for Home. Diwali Decor Ideas: I have never before seen so many pretty pics and so much inspiration all at one place. Happy Diwali to you! great article, really there have too many ideas for Diwali Decoration and have too many choice to select. Yes, there are also some parties arranged as part of the celebration of Diwali festival. This festive season, try these home decoration ideas for Diwali. Once our Diwali lights are up, we don’t need to use the regular lights at home. Here a list of DIY-Diwali decoration ideas. If you are not too enthusiastic about getting real flowers in and stringing them up, there are lots of paper and fabric flower garland options available online. All you need is little planning to create lasting memories. More like this. Diwali Decoration ideas to jazz-up your home for this festive season that are sure to pump up family and friend’s mood.Simple Diwali decoration ideas that will completely change your home ambiance to create an enticing and welcoming space. You can decorate the diyas the way you like or simply color them to add a pop of color and give a festive touch to your office and home. Diwali is just around the corner (Saturday to be precise). It takes hours to make that perfect Rangoli with all the colours possible, but it is always worth it. Diwali 2020: Grace your house with best home decor ideas If you want to decorate your own home for the annual autumn Diwali festival, here are some of the best Diwali home decoration and craft ideas, ranging from rangoli designs to homemade lights. These beautiful paper lampshades are cheaply available in many local shops and are an excellent way to install your Diwali … It declares ‘festival time’ loud and clear! Make your garlands or string your flowers and hang them from your chandelier for a completely new Diwali look in your home! Significance of Diwali. That’s the reason why this festival calls for celebration – and celebration means PARTY! That’s why you need to read our go-to-list for Diwali decoration ideas. Celebrate the festival of light with the kids. Diwali Ideas: 100+ Ideas To Make Your Diwali Special. Know more about Diwali decorations at home entrance diy, diwali decorations diy Indian and Diwali decorations craft diy paper. Annakut (New Year) 5. However, the 2020 pandemic has made people hesitant to step out for Diwali shopping. Grab hold of a few mason jars and fill them up with the lights. Pull your solid curtains to the sides and hook them loosely like done in this picture below. Wishing you all a safe and very happy Diwali! It looks stunning! When you’re doing a bunch odd numbers usually work best. We hope this Diwali infographic and DIY Diwali decorations ideas can help to get your spirit up for the occasion! Trying out all 12 Diwali Decorative Ideas is impossible in a small amount of time and manpower. 4. Get out the artist in you and why not try and be experimental by making your own Hindu-inspired artworks. They will certainly help you plan your Diwali decorations in a way that is complete and inviting at the same time. You can also purchase stencils to create those unique designs. Diwali decoration ideas! Although this Diwali we won’t be as socially active as it was the previous year, due to the current pandemic that our country is facing, it also means more time with family members. There might be many ways to celebrate Diwali, but decorating our homes, offices or classrooms must be the priority. Loved it, Hi there! You can stick rhinestone stickers or stones around the candle. Decorating your homes and offices on Diwali by using paper lampshades is one of the brightest Diwali decoration ideas. - Diwali 2020 Decoration Ideas… Dhanteras (Day of fortune) 2. Get ideas on Diwali decorations parties décor, Diwali decorations lights india and diwali toran diy door hangings. People decorate their houses and spend time with their family. Get a bunch of them and hang them in a row. I’m a little cautious about using them inside the house, what with kids running around constantly. Just tie your flower garlands to the strings of your balloons and let them float up to the ceiling. Presented below are 21 Diwali decoration ideas … Again, it’s really easy and you can make many of these in glass vases of different shapes / sizes / colours and put them all around your home. All you need is little planning to create lasting memories. Diwali is considered as New Year for Hindu. It is a popular belief that rangoli brings good luck. Diwali 2020: Try these 5 quirky home decor ideas Diwali is the festival of lights. This Diwali, if you wish to give a unique and personal touch to your home décor without spending too much, here is how you can do that. 8. So that’s our list of Diwali decoration ideas for you. See more ideas about diwali decorations, diwali, rangoli designs. Paint them with different colours to give them a unique combination. Idols are the best Diwali decoration ideas; 1.2. Take lanterns of various sizes and colours and hang them in a bunch from different heights. Hang strings of light behind your sheer curtains and watch your room transform into a fairy land. So, here I am presenting 15 best ideas for Diwali decoration for 2020. How can you make your Diwali green? You can also click here to check out how I decorated my home for a Diwali party. You can do this in the centre of the room or in a corner you want to highlight. Oct 13, 2016 - Explore Live It Beautiful's board "Diwali Decoration Ideas", followed by 3708 people on Pinterest. Diwali Lighting Decorations. Many have instead opted to showcase their creativity, and jazz up their homes for the celebrations. You can start with colourful paper to make such beautiful flowers to decorate your home this Diwali. 2.2. Surely, it deserves a splendid tapestry of decorations for the beautiful day of Diwali as well. See more ideas about diwali decorations, diwali, festival lights. Paper Lampshades. Most poojas and festivities cannot do without the marigold flower. You can never go wrong with fairy lights when it comes to DIY home decor ideas for Diwali. Apart from the pooja, sweets, dressing up the festival also calls for Diwali decorations using decorative items for Diwali. Diwali decoration themes . No.. not Christmas vibes at al, Does orange, gold and green count for Christmas vi, Almost Blue Living Room – Blue Door Project, Pink, Orange And Green Room For A Happy Girl, Design Inspiration: Our Most Pinned Images From Oct 2020. Hi Friends, today we will see five very easy Diwali decoration ideas to celebrate the festival of light. Rangoli plays a highly significant role in the Diwali celebrations. String lights can be inserted into almost anything. 1. Krati Exports 10 PC - 5 feet Orange Marigold Garland |Indian/American Wedding Party Mantle Decoration, Faux Garlands Wedding Garland, Diwali Decoration, Spring Bush Floral! DIY Diwali rangoli design using a paper cut out and poster colours!! I did couple of projects on paper flowers and I love how elegant and real they look, if d…. video on making of beautiful lotus wall hanging made out of waste cardboard... Material required... Confira dicas para criar uma festa caipira na sua casa, prepare comidas e decoração. Similarly, you can use your sari or dupatta to make a swag like in the picture below. Most items used here can be found locally or online. Like the Hula-hoop chandeliers, these are also excellent for Diwali decoration ideas for home. It creates a sense of excitement among the kids. Mason Jar Decoration You’ll need: Rice, different food colours and mason jar Diwali Decoration Ideas With Flowers: Flowers are a must in our festivals and we’ve grown up decorating our homes with flowers. There are traditional Diwali decorations and modern decorations. Paper Lampshades Diwali Decoration. Let’s explore some of the home decoration ideas for Diwali. 2. It can be made from different kinds of flowers. Make the garlands of different lengths so that they are suspended at different levels from the ceiling. It is celebrated to mark the victory of Lord Ram over the evil Ravana. Below mentioned are 25 common-uncommon Diwali decoration ideas. Diwali Decoration Ideas: Find here the list of top 7 diwali decoration ideas to light up your home. Thank you! Besides, Diwali is also the time to let the kids unleash their creativity. With traditional home decoration ideas for Diwali, you can make your abode welcoming all year round. Mums go on a cleaning spree while kids are ecstatic over the new clothes and toys they receive. Hang strings of light behind the dupatta. Decorating your homes and offices on Diwali by using paper lampshades is one of the brightest Diwali decoration ideas. 7. Surely, it deserves a splendid tapestry of decorations for the beautiful day of Diwali as well. … You can find this really easy DIY to make a chandelier from a hula-hoop right here. Spice up and DIY your home, office or school with these Diwali decoration ideas. I’m an Interior Designer, stylist and blogger. Else, weave your fairy lights through an existing screen you have. One traditional element is to hang the golden marigold flower in garlands around your home, temple and even front gate in India. Here are some beautiful ideas for Diwali decoration that I found inspiring and glad to share with you to try out them in your homes on this Diwali festival of lights. Something that will catch your eye and make you say, ‘Hey.. Nice!’ Inspiration for ideas can come from anywhere. Here a list of DIY-Diwali decoration ideas. This one post will give you plenty Diwali decor ideas for your whole home. A dozen of them.. the best of the best.. share with us how they decorate their homes. Celebrate the festival of Light and Decorate your home with these Colourful DIY 3-D Diya cum Rangoli. Diwali Decoration Ideas for Home #1. (1) Drape string lights around doors and windows: (2) Drape string lights around your furniture: (3) Drape string lights in your curtains: (4) Drape string lights AS your curtains: (8) Make a simple flower garland curtain: (9) Use flower garlands to make a focal point: (10) Make a wall hanging with flower garlands: (11) Add ribbons to your flower garlands: (13) Drape flower garlands on the edges of your curtains: (14) Use flowers on your curtain tie backs: Diwali Decoration Ideas With Paper Lanterns: 19 Unique Diwali Decoration Ideas To Beautify Your Home, We put up our Christmas tree yesterday. Make your home Diwali ready! Below mentioned are 25 common-uncommon Diwali decoration ideas. Place tea-lights in them and watch them shine like jewels. And on the outside they don’t last too long. Again so simple and so pretty. I clicked this pic last year while shopping for Diwali goodies at Dadar Circle. ‘Kandils‘ or paper lanterns are another essential at Diwali and we can’t write a post on Diwali decoration ideas without including them. Thank you! With just a few easy folds you can make your own Paper Diya Diwali Craft or this paper diya Diwali garland. Wishing you a very happy Diwali too! Maybe you can try the new ones this year… and let us know how it goes! 1. I’m loving the way the bright red and pink ribbons make these flower garlands look so much prettier and brighter. For example, hanging them in a bunch of 3, 5 or 7 lanterns. They are said to welcome Lakshmi and help illuminate her path into your house. Once your home is Diwali ready, the next thing to aim for is your table.

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