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colectivo playa del carmen to cancun

Is it better to take the collectivo or a taxi? But they start dropping people off about 10 minutes down the road. The walk is much further in both places. It is cheaper then the ADO bus. Note: When you do arrive at Akumal you will need to walk down the road to the beach for about 8 minutes. In Tulum it is about 3k. We have continuous departures to Cozumel from Playa del Carmen and to Isla Mujeres from Cancún center, Cancún and the Hotel Zone, Cancún. Playa Express has nice Mercedes vans that are larger then the other Nissan/Toyota colectivo vans. Thanks. Grand Sirenis to Akumal Bay Hello Cindy I am going to be taking a colectivo from my resort (North of Playa del Carmen) to Xel Ha. The other option is taking a taxi all the way there. Playa Express runs all night long between Cancun and Playa. If I get in a colectivo that goes to Tulum and ask for them to let me get down at Puerto Aventuras (or rather, the closest to Puerto Aventuras), is it okay? Luggage and large bags are not really taken on the colectivos. 1) Xcaret: in front of the park entrance? Gracias! They only run on the highway and do not go into the Cancun Airport. You will have more room on the bus but it is about 15 minutes slower. Can we go out of our hotel to catch a collectivo? Mr. Yucatan, If my family stayed at Santos Playacar going to Akumal, catch outside of resort on highway, what stop to get off? Here are your answers. 3) Do collectivos go to Valladolid and Chichen Itza ruins as well? Plus if you had luggage the colectivos do not have much space for it. Also to go to Puerto Morelos does the Playa express drop us off near the ADO station there? So, we are wondering about the hours that collectivos run. We are looking to go into tiwn near the Akumal ferry wharf as well as from the resort to see some of the local cenotes. You can find the bus station's address, phone number, website, directions, hours, and description in our catalog. Make sure to negotiate a price you are comfortable with. So it is pretty easy. Hello You will need to take the ADO bus to Playa Del Carmen and then walk to second street and 15th Avenue. Collectivos are the way to go! You have made the following selection in the MAPS.ME map and location directory: the bus station Playa Del Carmen - Cancun Colectivo at the address: Mexico, Quintana Roo, Playa del Carmen out of 46685 places. We provide more general advice online since we have a wide range of readers but can be more specific for individuals. It was last around 500 pesos per person for the Cenote Dos Ojos. My wife and I used them to go to our hotel from XelHa. For most of the routes you ask about it is about 35 pesos each way. One thing to consider is that you are north of Playa and you would need to get to the highway and get a colectivo to Playa and then a colectivo going to Tulum. The cost is only about 30 pesos each way per person. The answer is no. The immeasurable beauty of the islands, coupled with the … I have read some blogs that say you can tell your driver to drop you off at the actual cenote rather than along the highway. Colectivos are meant for short transport only. I think this answers my question. I been looking for the ADO bus schedule for the Coba route back to Tulum, thinking of hitting Coba 1st super early then finish in Tulum before heading back to Playa. If you do take this route it will cost about 60 pesos each way per person. It is fairly easy to take the colectivo from Tulum. A taxi might be best. We are a family of 6 (2 adults & 4 kids). Fore Alux Restaurant, you will need to take a taxi there. Usually the colectivos leave Playa Del Carmen with one seat open and pick up one person as they leave town. Thanks in advance. Note: Check the ADO return to Playa from Tulum, there are not as many busses doing this. I just have a question. Salidas cada 10 minutos, cuando se llena la furgo, salen. We will answer your question sort of. • Playa Express only runs between Cancun. Where is the closest stop to take the Colectivos? Would we tell him where we want to get off?? Then walk to beach a few min? It saved us from using the taxis to get off the property which were really expensive. Why is that? Is Akumal considered Tulum? Thank you for the quick and very informational message! If you are going to the main entrance you can take a cab from there about 1k into town close to the beach or walk. You should raise your hand so they know you are waiting for them. Last time I was in PDC I really loved taking the colectivo everywhere and I was hoping to do … Cancun colectivo van station. (We don’t mind walking to highway 307) We hope you have a great time exploring. I have some doubts that I couldn’t see an answer anywhere. From your hotel it is best to take a taxi to 2nd Street to ge the colectivos because if you want up to the highway most of them are full headed to Tulum. We hope you have a great time and enjoy your friends! And when you return to Playa you also need to get transportation back to your hotel. we were originally going to do the Coba Tulum tour but as you may know its pretty pricey and we want to try and stay within our budget. Cenote Azul is about 4 minute drive south of where these tacos are. It is better to get on before CTM Avenue though because they can start to fill up. We hope you have a good trip and easy connection. We don’t think they will have the fourth one done by the time you arrive, you might want to check it. This service is meant to be a fast transport for people and not a hotel shuttle service. Hard to get spot for 4 at a time for that ride? and Playa del Carmen. Going to Akumal from 42nd and 44th in PDC. From there, you can find a sidewalk to Xel Ha. Hello, I am staying at Riu Tequila. Many thanks, your article on this website is very useful and we cant wait till our holiday. Hello. Looks like the best way is to take collective and then take a cab from there? Thanks. Not too many people take the free shuttle so there is not a lot of competition for a taxi or colectivo. If we are going from Cancun what is the best way to get to Tulum? Just get on the colectivo on second street in Playa. We are talking just a few pesos but the Playa Express makes less stops and is larger with better air conditioning. (We tipped to $50 – not required) They are a good option for solo to small groups on a day trip with small daypacks. There are colectivos which are small vans that run between Cancun and Playa and Tulum … All passengers will appreciate you exiting the van quickly so they can get to their stops, so be prepared to pay when you exit. We are not sure at that resort if they allow people to walk out to the highway or if you need a gold cart ride or taxi to the highway. If I take the colectivo toward Cancun and get off near the airport is there a way to get in there? When they drop you off on 307, how far is it to walk to Lol-Ha? It is a straight walk and not bad if you don’t mind. Then you will raise your hand when you see a van coming. If bus do you know the approx price of a ticket. Do I need to take one into Playa and then get another to Tulum? Also, how do we catch the colectivo to get back to Grand Palladium Kantenah? Posted in Tourist Information, Tourist Transportation // 268 Comments. When you come to Playa Del Carmen you will just take it to the end where they stop on 2nd Street between 15th and 20th Avenue. There are the smaller and more local colectivos that go from Playa Del Carmen to Cancun. And do these tours include transportation from the entrance to the actual cenote? Hola ,acudo a la gente que vive o frecuenta playa del carmen, todos conocemos la terminal de bus ADO que esta si no me equivoco en la 5ta. Dose anyone know if you can take a colectivo from playa del carmen to puerto juarez?? At any rate it will be cheap. What visiting Chichen Itza is like now? In order to maximize our time at Xcaret and get the best value for our money, we plan to arrive fairly early…about 8:30am and then we would leave after the show ends (around 9:00pm?) Just remember that the ruins are the first stop in Tulum and the town is about 5minutes drive. We have an article and video of the place. We are staying at the Valentin Imperial Maya (located between Cancun and Playa) in April/May. Are you familiar with a place called Salciccium near Puerto Aventuras? If you go to the downtown if Tulum it is a taxi ride to the ruins and it about 2k from the center. My husband and I will be in Cozumel off a carnival cruise ship at 9 am. It is about 4 1/2 blocks to the beach. Then from Coba back to Playa? 20 entre 10 y 12 figura … You would need a bus to take you to Coba. Hopefully the driver remembers, but incase he does not, be somewhat prepared to yell out “your name of stop” “por favor“. If you are somewhere in between Tulum and Playa, just stand next to the road and put your arm up when you see a van coming. To Bahia Principle Coba in Riveria Maya. Can you verify a route for me? Hello and thanks for your questions. Based on your destinations though you might do better without a car because if you go to Isla Mujeres you need to park the car and the same with Cozumel. glad you had a good time here and lived like a local or at least traveled like one. Disclaimer – Travel Yucatan provides bus schedules as a service to our website users only for reference. We are staying at the Hotel Amarte this April which I know is close to the highway. What companies run services between Cancun Airport (CUN), Mexico and Playa del Carmen, Mexico? According to the INAH website (Mexican Cultural Affairs office that oversees the archeological sites)it closes at 5 but last entrance is at 4:30pm. Thank you dearly for sharing this information. Just make sure you know if they go to ADO Station if you are going to the center of Cancun. Which is better Playa Del Carmen or Tulum? It I best to have pesos on you. Here is a couple of question for you to consider. Q: going to cenote azul, is there a safe place to cross highway for the return trip? Here is a map of what is close to you. Yes that is correct. The current situation is that no one is allowed to swim out with the turtles. There are two El Dorado resorts so we assume you are at El Dorado Maroma. ).Is it ok now ? Hi, Mr. Yucatan, Just check the schedule because there is only one bus going and coming from Tulum to Coba a day. Approximately what time will the Collectivos be running in the morning along the highway towards Playa del Carmen? Are you going to Tulum ruins, Tulum town or the beach? Yes that should be no problem. One issue is getting a colectivo for four people going to Tulum. There are 2 of us travelling. On these colectivos you pay when you get off. Taking the colectivos with kids is safe to do. Also we are arriving Cancun Airport on Tuesday May 17th. These are smaller vans but will get you to where you need to go. Just connect in the bus station to the ADO to Tulum Ruins, not Tulum town. Most of the drivers know all the hotels but, there are about 15 other people and the driver has to remember all the stops. Many thanks in advance for your reply. Thanks. If it is the southern on you are about a 18 minute ride to the ferry dock. Some will take them but they do not have to. We are not sure the exact cost but it should be about 30 pesos each way. I know the resort is between Playa and Cancun. The colectivos only go on the highway and will stop at any point people want to get on or off. Getting cheaply and quickly between Cancun-Playa Del Carmen-and Tulum is fairly easy to do via colectivos. (see map in our Cancun Bus Station Guide). Tulum ruins and town are easy to get to from the colectivo but if you are going to the beach you will need to take a taxi from town or rent bikes. We took the colectivos to Tulum today and we were there in 45 minutes and 40 pesos. Hello Brad. You havea great plan and we hope however you do it, you have a great time exploring. Remember there are two main stops in Tulum. Invaluable! It will take about 5 minutes. Many thanks . Love this article- thanks. We hope you have a great time visiting and let us know if you need anything else. My wife and I are going to rent a car for the day and go to tulum ruins in the morning and then to cenote azul. Would I be taking two colectivo or just one? Thank you for your reply. This might take about 15-20 minutes. You will need to go to the highway and catch a colectivo and then from the highway it is a walk to the beach. For Cozumel we have not been with any companies there so we don’t like to make a recommendation without testing it our first for our readers. Taxis from the beach to town are well know to be around for passengers. Just took the Collectivo from Puerto Morelos to the Playa del Carmen downtown station. We have taken collectivos before without problems. So this is a cheap way of doing it if you want to try it or you might just find a cheap tour that will take you directly from the hotel to the ruins and back. A taxi is faster but will cost a lot more. From the same spot, colectivos … The prices from this article are still valid? i heard there are lot of issues with the insurance and we need to pay lot of money to rent the car. I am staying at Mayan Palace Riviera Maya and plan to use the collectivos however I want to make sure I have the right information before I travel. But don’t worry since the colectivos know how to anticipate where people want to get on and they run some colectivos empty leaving and fill up along the way. Cancun To Playa Del Carmen In A Taxi. The colectivos only run from Tulum to Playa Del Carmen and from Playa Del Carmen to Cancun. You can take the ADO bus from the Airport to Playa Del Carmen but you still would need to take a taxi to Bahia Principe. We hope you have a great time in Akumal and Tulum! To get here you will exit the ruins and follow the road to your left. Nice a quick transportation. I’m staying at the El Dorado Casitas Royale and need to meet my fishing guide at Plaza Las Americas at 6:00 am in Cancun. You will exit your hotel and cross to the Playa Del Carmen bound side of the highway. Then you will walk to 5th Avenue. So it is just a matter of convienece and price. Could you tell me when do buses go back to Playa del Carmen from Chitzen Itza afternoon? It will be more convenient and if you have a large group you might not fit in one van. It still is not that expensive but just one of those oddities. @everythingplayadelcarmen I am looking for the article and video of los arboles but I cannot find it. We hope you have a great trip! or we have to walk down to the park from Highway? If you want to go to Chichen Itza you will need to take an ADO bus, a tour or rent a car. You should note that if you are staying near the beach in Puerto Morelos you will be about 2 miles from the Highway where the colectivos run. It is enough to swim direct by the smal beach under the ruins or should we go on another beach near to Tulum, if yes how we get from the ruins to the other beach and honfar it is? The whole situation is under review because even when selected companies could take tours, people were still going in to swim and people were paying off the guards to allow more people in. Your site is very very helpful! I do know standing on certain sides of the highway indicate which direction. Another option is to make your way to Xcaret’s parking lot and they have a free shuttle to the highway every 20 minutes. If you are leaving from the ruins you will need to take a taxi. Hop on board one of the colectivos headed towards Tulum and tell the attendant that you want to be dropped at the Tulum ruins  before getting in the van. There is a list of prices on a sign as you get on the colectivos, you can always check here and just have the money ready when you go to get off . Ok, just have to ad another question. The one way price is 42 pesos to Cancun and proportional payments for points in between. If we wanted to spend a day visiting several different Cenotes near Tulum, we would get dropped off by the Colectivo on the side of the highway and have to walk the rest of the way down the road? Since we are all the way in the north end of PDC and we understand the colectivo stop is all the way on 2nd, we are wondering if, for 4 people, if we have to take a taxi to 2nd and then a colectivo to Akumal…are we saving all that much over a taxi to Akumal? There is not a real ADO station there but rather a bus shelter. There are slight pull off spaces on either side of the road and you only need to raise you arm when the colectivo is coming so you can alert them you want a colectivo. But at least you know it is possible but just takes some planning. You will get off at the side of the highway in Akumal. There are not special stops, just when you see a white van coming raise your arm. Also if we went to Puerto Morales how far to walk? Then take a colectivo or taxis to the ruins. Being prepared where you are going and knowing what it looks like from the highway will help and it will also help if you are not asking the driver all the time if this is your stop (the drivers get annoyed with people like that). It will drop you by the overpass with the fish flags. Can I take the Colectivos and will they drop me off at the hotel? Zane. We would suggest the smaller Colectivos to Cancun because they make more stops. Do you have current information for colectivo pricing for the following trips: Mayan Palace Riviera Maya to Puerto Morelos Rent a car or even a driver (if you know a local) if you are planning on stopping at the many attractions on the way. Then take an expensive taxi from the Cancun downtown to the mall. Hello we are staying at hotel banana we wish to go to explor park…should we take a collectivo or taxi. On our way back to hotel after the show, how available the Taxi will be at Xcaret? We don’t know what it is like at that specific hotel but they should have a ride to the highway or you can walk. Why do you need to ride out of the resort each day? You might do better renting a car. You will need to switch to a Tulum bound colectivo. To take the colectivos you will need to go into the center of Playa Del Carmen. How far is the walk to Cenote Cristalino from the collectivos drop off? A couple of questions and comments about your plan. Your resort is on the north edge of Playa Del Carmen, so more transportation is needed to get around. I had to take a taxi to the ADO to get home to PM. These are the Nissan/Toyota vans. My question, do the colectivos go from Tulum to Coba? These white vans, called colectivos, are mini-bus lines that service the route of the Riviera Maya- Cancun to Tulum. Then colectivo from akumel to playa to shop & eat (35 peso pp) Si prendono in centro (basta chiedere) dei vari pueblos o si attendono sulla federale (da Cancun … You will need to get to the highway from your resort. Some do not have sidewalks or frown on people walking on the drives. The cost from your hotel to Playa is about 25/30 pesos each and another 30 pesos to Akumal. Last question.. nobody has asked how to take the collectivo to Isla Mujeres? There are pull off areas at the side of the road because there is Cirque du Soleil show near there, so there is a lot of traffic and it is fairly common for the colectivos to look for people. The colectivos go between Cancun and Tulum. I have a couple of questions… 1) I am not staying at a resort, I am staying at Real Hacienda. I was also given the name of a company who is very familiar with the place, roundtrip for $120 USD, it may be worth the money, I don’t know, decisions, decisions. Hello- Is it easy to catch a colectivo from Mayakoba Fairmont to Xel-Ha? This does sound like misinformed people or hyper paranoid. I took Playa Express today from PdC to Cancun and it was 36 pesos, so maybe prices went up since. They have a small taco cart in Playa Del Carmen on 45th Avenue behind the old water department building but it is not the same as the place in Puerto Aventuras. We hope you have a great trip here. You have to take the local road and not the highway bridge through Puerto Aventuras. thank you! Is that correct? Since you are between Playa and Cancun you would take these colectivos. Should you visit? You get the colectivo in Playa del Carmen at Calle 2 Norte between Av. If you want to stop somewhere on your way back you can take the colectivos. When you are on the highway you will go to the side of the road for the direction you want to go in. Looking forward to visiting! You also need to walk from the highway in Akumal to the beach. La base de los colectivos esta en la Calle 2 norte y Avenida 20, en el centro de Playa… It will take about 30 minutes from your hotel to the bus station. We are looking to be in playa del Carmen by 7:00am. They stop a few places from the highway to the ending point in Playa Del Carmen but for most people like yourself you would just get off at the end and walk or take a taxi from there. They all leave from Avenida Tulum. There at many hotels with the words Real Hacienda in them, so we are not able to give specific advice. If you know the cost per person that would be great as well. If you are 3 people you can take the colectivo into town and a taxi back and forth to the beach for less than 15 USD. Thank you, it is so difficult to determine the distance between everything. You have really two options. Mexico, Quintana Roo, Playa del Carmen, GPS: 20.625,-87.0772. Hello. We took the colectivos up and done the cost to visit several locations you told us about. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Let us know if you need anything else. We are staying at the Grand Palladium white sands and I have some questions please? Then to get back on, where to catch? From PDC to Akumal? Here you will tell them your hotel and the driver should remember and let you off there. Taxis normally take 3 people I a car. How far is the walk to the Playa De Carmen beaches from the collectivos drop off? You can take a taxi or might be able to catch a public bus but there are not that many. 3. The only way that colectivos are more dangerous in our opinion from ADO is the speed at which they drive and if there is an accident, it is more likely you will get injured because of the size. The airport is about a kilometer from the Highway. This is where the south bound colectivos start. If you need any other information to help you explore more or make your trip easier, feel free to email us at our contact button. The colectivos stop wherever people are along the highway. How much per person from Mayan Palace Riviera Maya to Akumal Beach? We would like one of the fast 15 minute ultramar ferry terminals as well so which one? You can however take the ADO bus from Playa Del Carmen or Tulum to Coba to see the ruins. Do you think that using the colectivo is a good option for us? Make sure you have small change in pesos. You have time to watch the show but you will need to go riht after to the free shuttle and then wait by the highway for the colectivo. Can I get a colective from PDC to return to Vidanta? So when you get on the colectivo from your hotel, there is only one colectivo company that services that run. Playa Express does not make as many stops or pickups once it gets out of town since they mainly cater to people going all the way to Cancun. We will be staying at the Catalonia Riviera Maya in April and wanted to go to the ferry in PDC are there bus stops close to both of these locations? They both go to Playa on 2nd but can be on one of two blocks of 2nd street. Then back to resort from playa (35 peso pp) We have never heard this nor had any issues with this. We do however recommend caution driving on the highway when it first rains or is raining hard, there are more accidents in general on the highway because it is slippery and low visibility. It is a busy time and if there is more then 5 people it might take a colectivo or two to come by to fit everyone in. Could you tell me if it would be closer to catch the Colectivo on the highway from Playacar entrance or walk all the way into PDC? Thank you for reading the site. Of course it is much more expensive but will allow you to enjoy more your time. That means three forms of transportation and a lot of time for your big day. We don’t know if you are working in Puerto Aventuras or on the highway. A taxi is more expensive but will take you door to door. Afterwards we went into playa del Carmen and we had a good laugh about the prices of the tacos. How far is the walk to Akumal Beach from the collectivos drop off? Although they are quite efficient, they are not all that comfortable, most of the drivers don’t speak English, and taxi drivers around Cancun and Playa Del Carmen … Followed these instructions Sept 2016 and it saved me so much money. Xcaret=25 pesos, Xpu-Ha Beach=35 pesos, Akumal= 40 pesos, Xel-ha=45 pesos, Tulum=45 pesos. Wow – what an excellent, informative site. You can click on the link in our article here to book tickets in advance: You might still want o buy your entry tickets in advance and take a taxi from your hotel. It is not much either. I have a two questions. The colectivo from Grand Sirenis to Xel-Ha will cost about 20 -25 pesos each person and about 30 pesos each person each way to Xcaret. Happy travels! Depending on where you are going to and from you might be better off taking the ADO bus. Thank you again for your excellent reply. It is possible to hitchhike back to the cenote. Can I stand on the side of 307 south and get a colectivo into PDC? The price is per person and your estimates are correct. We are looking to have a picnic lunch while we are there. Some of the ADO busses stop the ruins but you need to ask when you buy your ticket. We do need to get the times for those that might be cutting it close at night. There is the bus which the main company is ADO which services cities and towns around Playa Del Carmen. Yes colectivos will be the best way to go. We have never seen one before onboard. I am arriving Monday at the airport in Cancun and going

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