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sri lankan plants names

The leaves of the tree are said to Thibbotuwala (Mulliyawalai) Ghats region of India, Garcinia morella, Garcinia quaesita,Garcinia terpnophylla. Used in herbal medicine, e.g., to Out of them about 927 (24%) are endemic to the country. Asparagus roots (Asparagus racemosus), etc. (bio-fuel) applications. and anti-pyschotic. Sabskrit name "Benjan", This is a small perennial herb, growing up to about 2m tall. 2006); in the bowels, for treatment of inflammatory bowel disease (Hanai and Sugimoto 2009); and in the colon, for treatment of colon cancer. a souce of bio-mass. the predominant use of sorghum is as fodder for poultry and cattle. kirutavetanai, pekankai,pirkku, maruluvikam, Peerkangai. Its leaf and milky latex contains see also Phaseolus aureus Roxb., Phaseolus mungo auct. This plant is parasitic to sugarcane. The Victorian natutalists, Wright, Thwaites et al.. Ants, wasps associated with this plant These effects make it a natural choice for protection against drug-induced kidney damage, since so many drugs can act like poisons, exerting extreme oxidant stress on kidney tissue. Fruits are liked by the "Konda-kurulla" birds (a type of cardinal). A submerged, fresh-water herb with a tuberous, subspherical, stoloniferous precisely applied. See also, p 791 0f B. Clough; Go to list of herbal preparations, e.g., 'Pas-panguwa', Click for Sinhala Names → Botanical names, Beyond the green revolution; How humanity needs cutting-edgetechnology to save itself, Colombo Telegraph, CDW, 26-02-2019, National herbaria of SL conditions, and as much as eight to ten under See, Medicinal herb used in Sinhala medicine. This is a herbicide resistant (propanil, Group C2/7 herbicides) grass and infests rice. axillary spikes. Found in up-country Sri Lanka. It is a part of South Indian culture, with the Bamboo flute figuring early in Sanskrit works. "Valli" may have the Insider’s guide: Sri Lanka’s strangest fruit. The seed is used in pickles and curry powders. Aegila (?) It was a component of 19th century `Miss Pinkham's vegetable compound for female complaints etc'. The word "murunga" and the hindi "munga" may have a common etymological origin. leaves simple, alternate, numerous. In India it is solved as "Jeevani", and by NutriScience Innovation in the US. A pendulous epiphyte 15cm long, dichotomously branched, always stramineous; leaves close, branchlets. Introduced to SL by horticulturists. a green orange where the juice is acidic (aembul), -the skin is rougher than in the fruit of the, Citrus madurensis (Musk lime, calamondin ). A small aromatic plant. Described in an 1813 French text. Tinospora cordifolia, Cocculus cordifolius (Indian Tinaspora), seenthil, cintil, Shindil-kodi, Amirthavalli, Kunali, Rasakindala (Amirthakaly) This plant is highly valued in'Sri lankan traditional This is a palm which grows in muddy and brackish water. flowers on slender bean-like creeper. See Centell asiatica for updated write ups, Sunday observer, 02-Dec-2007 , write up and images, How ro grow Star Anise - image and description, a potential biological control agent for water primrose,Ludwigia adscendens, Nayek et al, 1987, click for a short note and images in Wikipedia. Katupila Mankada (Latitude. Hard ticks effects (due to presence of oxalates, and hence it It grows in Eurasia and Medicinal: Aperients, Diuretic. This is slower to react to stimuli than mimosa pudica. There is a sinhala saying Sanskrit name: In General Sanskirt "Plaksa" may be applied to fig plants. 10-15 cm long, pubescent with a single large sessile gland near the base in Sanskrit. DIVULVAEVA (Vilattikulam) The Tamil name may also have originated from it. It is found on roadsides and stony dry wastelands, upto 1,500 m. In the Wet Zone, tropical wet evergreen forest dominates in the lowlands, and submontane and montane evergreen forests prevail in the highlands. Leaves are used as purgative, emmenagogue and antiph- There is also a variety known as "Gaja Thippili" or "Gajakana". orchid grown in coconut husks attached to edema, cough, asthma. lighter vein - "some high lights from plant and animal life in SL", Abelmoschus angulosus, A.moschatus (Muskdana, is said to be the largest known undivided leaf.-large handsome variegated A large shrubby. Common houseplant in the west. reniform-orbicular.- Pulmoddai (Puhulmotte) for various economic purposes. Climber-creeper. the seeds are larger. glossy leaves. The leaves may be used for making mats, bags A species of Acacia all of which yield a gum resin which is used both medicinally and A small tree or a large shrub, with numerous, divaricate branches and vcry sharp Insectivorus plant, ornamental Herb with flowering stems to 50 cm high. mixture of melissyl alcohol and its melissimic acid ester. Place name: Puvangudiva, puvangudoova, mentioned in the Cinnamomum Tamala (Indian Bay leaf,Indian cassia). The first is called the “GE” (Sinhalese for House or Tribe, pronounced “gay”) Name while the second is the actual name of the individual. Peltophorum pterocarpum, Peltophorum ferrugineum (Copperpod, Golden Flamboyant, Yellow Flamboyant, Yellow Flame Tree). The plant is a useful condiment and it is also ornamental. See Clough's dictionary 1892, p149-, Patul Kenda, Patul Kaenda, Pata ul Kaenda, (Malayalam),Kurintipanel, timber is valued and used in construction and carpentry. The kalu Kala vael and sudu Kala vael are two due to the presence of essential oils, terpenes, thymol etc. There is also a variety known as "Gadaa dehi", with a rough skin, Even in the 1930s, British writers referred to the "Malabar Tamils" The ingredients are keena also means sharp. Lalith Gunasekera's article, 2011, with images and write up. "Vatu-sudda" in sinhala could mean "clean garden", "holy garden", or email: chandre.dharma@yahoo.ca contact name: Prof.. Chandre Dharma-wardana. Plants related to this, e.g., Yoo gaha, Thaelipath (? dark green and paler beneath.The white (also pinkish) flowers are borne in short dense We introduce the best-kept secrets of Sri Lanka’s gardens, groves, orchards and roadsides – the weird and wonderful fruit. anti-inflamatory. Volume 95, Issues 2-3, December 2004, Pages 311-316, Maha Araththa, Arratta, Gandhanakuli (Clough P153), Mosquitoes All are threatened IUNC red listed species. along Bulelrs Road and similar roads in Colombo. Garden shrub and house plant. Traditionaally said to be good for gout and arthritis. Very poisonous seeds. madhu patra, Satapatri, Saumyaganda. fever. Mangostin in Sri Lanka This fruit in Sri Lanka is extremely rich with enzymes, vitamins, trace minerals, Anthocyanins, and antioxidants.Its effects are mainly preventive – magnostin gives energy and vitality, that is, it increases the immunity system of the body, helping it to fight infections and illnesses. Beheth Paste, beheth roti etc. Badarath Koodalu, Badarthu Koodalu, Badarath Kudalu, Applied on burns as it is said to have a "cooling effect", Ilukpitiya (Malayadi Kanda) This plant can be used to treat allergies 6-8 mm across, cream coloured, in axillary corymbs. AMBAVATHTHANA (Ammivaittan) used in "Achcharu" (pickel), in medicine, poultices etc. "Gandira" is also a kind of cucumber known in rural Sri lanka. It is claimed to help reduce Gout, arthritis etc. Lanka by Dr. Nande Dharmawardene (Founding director, SRI), An Annotated Checklist of the Orchids of Sri Lanka, by Fernando and Omerod, "Indian grocery condiments - translations, A dictionary of Ayurvedic herbs and medicinal uses, In Contact Person - Deputy General Manager (Mahaweli Complex),40/20, Ampitiya Road, Kandy. The rose colored flowers are funnel shaped, 2 cm long. meters with many long ascending branches. The name "Baan vael" seems to be specific to Sinhala. Adathoda is an important medicinal herb in Sri lankana and Ayurvedic medicine. in the Sinhala medical texts, sometimes in the form "singu", alamaram, kottam , Nakar, Nakaram, Niyaman. who brought Malabar Indians from south India as labour for the Tobacco Capsicum variety (Birds-eye chili, Thai chili, Chilli is UK spelling), This is a very hot, small chili found in Sri lanka, Thailand etc., but Sri Lanka is a country full of biodiversity which is gifted with many plant resources. The large beans (pods) are edible. densely velvety and hairy branches Origin in the Malayan region, perhaps endemic

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